Brighton New England Quarter

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council with Quoin Estates & Developments Ltd

Completion Date: 2007

Development of Public Art Strategy.

The New England Quarter is a new mixed-use development in central Brighton consisting of a wide range of residential, commercial and educational buildings. It covers an area of 8.7 hectares. Public art is an integral part of the New England Quarter development.

In 2005 Fiona Atkinson was appointed alongside sculptor Steve Geliot and metal worker Jon Mills to act as Lead Artists to develop a Public Art Commission Plan for the New England Quarter.

As Lead Artists they were responsible to the Public Art Steering Group that included representatives from the developer, Brighton & Hove City Council, local residents and trader associations. The Steering Group also worked with the various architects and designers responsible for each segment of the development.

The Public Art Commission Plan recommended the provision of individual pieces of new art within the development. In addition, a significant amount of new building and hard landscape design was influenced by the strategy.

As part of this Fiona was able to integrate glass blocks into the paving design throughout the core site, the aim of which was to inject a hint of colour into the streetscape and to subtly link the dominant features; trees, tree grilles and planters. A colour coded linear pattern was developed which provides a point of reference within the site and a directional element to the overall design.

Drawings and Artwork

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© Fiona Atkinson Landscape Design - Tree Grill - by Steve Geliot

Tree Grill - by Steve Geliot

© Fiona Atkinson Landscape Design -

© Fiona Atkinson Landscape Design -

© Fiona Atkinson Landscape Design -